The Circul’R Ecosystem is a springboard for circular economy innovators, generating business opportunities to develop their solutions and grow their impact


What is the Circul'R Ecosystem?

We are a community of more than 400  entrepreneurs worldwide who have innovative solutions to promote circular economy.


While traveling around the world, we realized these entrepreneurs were all facing the same challenges (access to funds, visibility, business opportunities with large corporations).


By building bridges between circular economy stakeholders, the Circul’R Ecosystem enables knowledge sharing  and creates partnership opportunities for innovative companies. 


More than a network, we are a family.

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4 reason's to join the Circul'R ecosystem
Business opportunities

We connect startups and large companies together so that they co-create solutions.

Access to funds

We present startups to investment funds interested in circular economy.

Knowledge sharing

We connect circular economy startups so they can share their knowdlege and build partnerships. 


We promote circular economy changemakers through conferences on our social media.

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